SuperFly Mixx

Updated: Oct 22

Who you are as a music artists, what type of music do you provide?

My name is SuperFly Mixx. A artist out of Third Ward Houston, TX. Pretty laid back & chill, quiet guy. I make feel good music for the people. Music that tells a story & draws you in. My style would be probably be compared to a mix between Ludacris (because of the energy) & Jay-Z (because of the word play).

Where do you receive your most inspiration when creating music? How is your creative process when you write music?

My creative process is very unorthodox. I usually just draw from my life experiences & add a little twist. I'm not the rapper that goes into the studio with nothing ready & create something from there. I'm usually spending my free time mastering the art before I go record anything. A bit of a perfectionist when it comes to anything I create.

What type energy you bring to venues and features when they book you?

I'm an arrogant, energetic, vibe. Every time. My personality is so chill but when the music comes on & I hit the stage that switch flips & I become an entirely new person. That’s usually the wow factor or the deciding factor on whether people will continue to tune in to what I have to say.

My Latests Project:

My latest project "Fly Behavior" was engineered & mostly produced by Relli of Matchbox Studios. It’s a story about a time in my life where my mental health was at jeopardy. Within the album you can hear me talking with my therapist as I go through different stages & emotions of dealing with life & the death of my friend. There’s also a 2 part prelude on my Fly Behavior Music YouTube channel that gives a back story to how we got to this point. It’s somewhat pivotal to the album.

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