The Kickback is a company that either produces or highlights specific platforms that are geared toward the advancement of African American communities. It provides an app that combines it’s Radio Station to an Online Marketplace, connecting minority-owned businesses to unlimited sales channels while giving customers the ultimate shopping experience they’ve never seen before.


By combining the top contributions by African Americans, media entertainment & buying power the mission of The Kickback is to be the ultimate guide to all things melanin-powered. Its capabilities to not only navigate through all the static and provide top-level conversations and products from African Americans, ultimately changing the fabric of how we operate in the e-commerce business.


Representation matters but, opportunities are even more important. When I created The Kickback back in 2017, I wanted to create a space where my community would be able to express themselves and gain the proper representation they deserve. I take pride in making THE KICKBACK for the black community because we deserve a platform dedicated to OUR SUCCESS.

Creating this platform simply is the combination of my love for discovering new music, expressing my perspectives, and supporting my community.

Ronald Osborne